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Secure Money’s mission is to help our clients create secure income for life with growth for the future.

There is a dilemma faced by every investor: Must I choose between an acceptable degree of safety and a desirable level of growth or income?

At Secure Money, we don’t believe that this is an either/or proposition; “safety” and “growth” are not mutually exclusive concepts. We believe that investors deserve the opportunity for a rewarding rate of return, AND protection of principal or risk-managed strategies to minimize drawdowns of investment value. To do this, we avoid what has long been the conventional wisdom in the investment community: the “buy-and-hold” approach to investing. While that approach is supported by evidence that over the long term – the very long term- financial market tends to go up, the fallacy is that “buy-and-hold” investing requires superhuman patience, the ability to withstand and absorb devastating losses in down markets, and very long timeframe to have reasonable odds of success.

Trying to sustain retirement income withdrawals from stock and bond portfolios during volatile markets can be catastrophic. This is evidenced by the recent studies that conclude that the “safe withdrawal rate” for retirement income from stock and bond portfolios may be as low as 2% per year, rather than the “4% rule” that has been the generally accepted industry standard for many years. At Secure Money we take a very different approach. We believe that retirement income should be secure and sustainable for life, and that it should be contractually guaranteed rather than at the whim of volatile markets.

Secure Money serves its clients by helping them to build conservative growth portfolios and retirement income portfolios. We use both principal-protected solutions that earn interest by linking to market indexes, and proprietary actively-managed investment strategies. As part of a nationwide network of financial advisors, Secure Money has developed the resources, support and infrastructure necessary to help our clients build secure income for life with growth for the future.