You only have one chance, maybe two chances depending on your career history, at retiring securely and comfortably. Not aligning yourself with an organization that will effectively assist you in this delicate matter, that of transitioning from investing for growth to creating secure income, could be the difference between living the retirement lifestyle that you desire and working because you have to work to meet your needs—not because you want to work.

Secure Money Solution’s core focus is retirement income planning services to meet our clients’ long-term objectives. We design customized plans—solutions—that are structured to provide future income for you. If you simply want to pass appreciated assets to beneficiaries, or if you want some combination of these objectives, we will create a unique solution for you, based on your unique financial situation. Whatever your goals, we can design a plan to accommodate those desires.

Perhaps the biggest question facing many retirees: How much can you withdraw from your portfolio each year without running out of money? The rule of thumb in the financial industry for years has been the “4% Rule”: a ‘balanced’ stock and bond portfolio should be able to deliver 4% withdrawals annually, adjusted for inflation, without depleting over time. Should be. But recent studies have determined that the safe withdrawal rate from market portfolios for today’s retirees may be as low as 2%, given the current low interest rate and highly volatile market environments. How will your retirement be the “golden years” if you are afraid to withdraw even 2% of your portfolio per year in order to reduce your chances of running out of money?

Secure Money Solutions designs contractually guaranteed solutions that can deliver annual withdrawal rates that are much higher than 2% or even 4%, and these solutions solve your income problem for life. If you do not need income from your portfolio, these solutions can be used to safely grow your money at reasonable rates of return for your own use in the future or for the benefit of those nearest and dearest to you.